“I was Homeless When I left Tinny Entertainment” – Ycee

After opening up about his deal with Tinny Entertainment and how the label exploits its artistes, Ycee has continued to speak up as he revealed that he was homeless after leaving Tinny Entertainment.

Ycee had called out the CEO of Tinny Entertainment, known as Small Tinny for not paying royalties to his artistes and already, other artistes that were once with the label, like Bella Alubo have confirmed it.

In his words: “When I left Tinny Entertainment I was homeless, all the time I spent out of the country last year, I was with my family in Maryland in the U.S. I couldn’t come back to Nigeria because I was homeless. I didn’t have a house.”


While the label or the CEO have not issued official statements, the comment thread on the initial post that sparked the issue has been deactivated.

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